Dr. Johanna Budwig showed how a diet consisting of cottage cheese and linseed oil can cure the breast cancer.

Dr. J. Budwig recipes

Daily a human needs about 120 g of cottage cheese,    well mixed with 30-40 ml linseed oil and liquid    (yogurt, kefir).

Before breakfast – a glass of acidophilous milk or sauerkraut juice.

How to make paste, dr.Budwig?

  • Mix in a  shaker for 45 ml linseed oil, 120 g of 1% cheese (skimmed milk), and 4 tablespoons of honey.
  • Turn on the mixer and add a little skimmed milk or water to obtain a mixture.
  • After 5 minutes, get a product without the taste of oil. Yogurt can still be used  instead of cottage cheese – 30 g of linseed oil per tablespoon, honey and mix as above.
  • Besides, the use of the product in large quantities does not cause diarrhea, because linseed oil is mixed in exactly the way!

How to make mayonnaise MEIJO.

Mix together 2 tablespoons of linseed oil, 2 tablespoons milk and 2 tablespoons of yogurt.

Then add 2 tablespoons of lemon juice or apple vinegar, a spoonful of mustard, greens (dill or oregano).

Flax diet of Dr. Budwig.

The first breakfast.

Muesli: 120 g dr.Budviga`s paste with honey and fresh seasonal fruit – berries, cherries, apricots, peaches, grated apple.

The second breakfast.

Fresh salad with mayonnaise MEIJO. In addition to vegetable salads eat grated turnips, carrots, kohlrabi, rapeseed (radishes), sauerkraut, or cauliflowers adding flavor of grated horseradish, garlic or parsley and cumin.

Use any nuts except peanuts! Herbal tea or black tea.

Morning tea (10:00).

Glass of fresh carrot, celery or apple apple-celery juice.


Vegetables, potatoes or rice, buckwheat, millet paste with dr.Budvigas attachments or mayonnaise MEIJO.


Fresh fruit mixture, except for those which were used for breakfast, with Dr.Budviga`s Paste, but this time instead of honey, adding the lemon, vanilla or berries.

Daily Tea (16: 00).

Fruit juice with 1-2 tablespoons of honey.

Dinner (18:00).

Root soup with buckwheat or oat groats. Sweet sauces and soups always provides a lot more healing power, if it is accompanied by Dr.Budvigas Paste. Instead of sugar as a sweetener only for honey or grape juice can be used!


Diet, compiled on the basis of Doctor Johanne Budviga`s recommendations will have very quickly a positive effect on your body’s general condition, and the result will be astounding, if you will perform  regularly and with faith all the recommendations with this effect..