Cold pressed

The consumption of natural plant oils can compensate the lack of many biologically active substances necessary for the human body to keep it healthy .

From a biological point of view the unrefined cold-pressed plants oils  are the most valuable ones.unrefined cold-pressed plants oils.They  retain all the valuable components of our body: vitamins, essential amino acids, minerals, polyunsaturated fatty acids (omega-3 and omega-6), etc.

Cold-pressed oils are obtained by molding at low temperatures (less than 45 degrees). After cleaning the seeds from the husk they are subjected to pressing, squeezing out all that is possible. This is the first cold press, which produces high-quality oil with all nutritional properties of the feedstock.

No chemicals are used for cleaning, conservation or adding color and flavor. This method (cold press) is the most gentle, because it is carried out without additional heating of oil.

Plant oil that is obtained by cold press has a special flavor and taste. Oils maximally contain valuable substances (lecithin, vitamins, unsaturated fatty acids).

Vegetable oils should not be subjected to refining that reduces significantly their quality and biological value. It is therefore absolutely normal that unrefined oils are often turbid. The sediment consists of phosphorus compounds (choline phosphatides) and is very healthy. The method of compaction at low temperatures (cold press) does not allow to obtain a large amount of plant oil which is the cause of  relatively high price of such oil. Oil that is worked out by such technology is called a natural extra or the first cold press.

Plant oils contain  a large number of substances that are necessary for the body. Moreover, all plant oils contain biologically important elements that are easily digestible and natural for our body and in optimum ratio.

Extraction of oil by chemical extraction method followed by refining and deodorizing nutritional oil reduces its useful properties.

Oils, having a less expressed flavor, aroma, and  transparency, are hydrated. They preserve longer, the sediment is 3-6 times smaller than that of unrefined oils.