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Peanut oil 100%

• Improves memory, attention and hearing. Increases potency, libido
• Reduces cholesterol
• Is used  for weight loss diets
• Helps in nervous tissue, heart, liver normal functioning

Is recommended:

• in case of  fatigue, insomnia

• in case of  purulent and difficult healing of wounds

Is not  recommended:
•  for people who are allergic to peanuts (can be used if cooked)


• В1, В2, РР, vitamins D and Е
• potassium, phosphorus
• protein (20-30%)
• polyunsaturated fatty acids: Omega 6 (18-33%), Omega 9 (40-66%)

• intake – 1 tablespoon daily
• externally – the damaged area of ​​lubrication
Attention! Using oils for therapeutic purposes, it is recommended to consult a specialist.

Additional Information

Peanut oil has a pleasant taste and it can be a great substitute of wafer or chocolate.

Peanuts lower cholesterol levels, cardiovascular disease risk, improve memory, attention and hearing, as well as is a source of folic acid, which stimulates cell renewal. Not without reason it is a popular vegetarian and photomodel dish because of the high dietary fiber composition it makes a sense of richness (daily margin of 30 g)
Peanuts supply our body fatty acids which improve the short-term memory. To increase the attention, one hundred grams of peanut is a sufficient dose.

Peanut oil has a very high, “smoking” point (ie, it can be heated to quite high temperatures), and therefore it is widely used in baking.

Peanut fat percentage  is  around 50%, in addition 80% consists of unsaturated fatty acids.

Unsaturated fats significantly reduces blood cholesterol levels. Peanut protein compared to other nuts, is characterized by an optimal ratio of essential amino acids that provide our body with the comparatively greater assimilation.

Peanut protein contains minerals (rich in potassium and phosphorus), saturated and unsaturated acids, В1, В2, РР and vitamin D, a large quantity of water-soluble fraction, suggesting peanut protein digestion efficiency and high capacity. Thanks to the optimal replacement ratio and essential amino acids, the human body is relatively well assimilated.

Peanut oil is applicable for people who follow the diet, as well as for vegetarians because its nutritional value is almost equivalent to the meat. Oil is an excellent tool for healing bile, in addition, with the help of it purulent and difficult healing wounds are treated.

It should be noted: peanuts have much less fat than other nuts. Peanut oil by its characteristics is similar to all known olive oil.

Due to the fact that it begins to “decompose” in a much higher temperature than other oils, even unrefined peanut oil can be used for cooking. In addition, it is often accompanied by mild salad, but especially it is used in soups and pastry products.