OIL 100%

Symbol of youth and longevity

  • The product that can be used in daily nutrition with nutritional, rejuvenescent and treating characteristics.
  • Strengthens the immune system. Has the anti-oxidizing effect and slows the aging processes.
  • Normalizes metabolizm. Stimulates the release of heavy metals, destroys many poisons.
  • Is recommended for all ages, especially for complete body building of children.
  • Body easily takes in substances (98%).


  • in case of illnesses of digestive tract, stomach ulcers and duodenal ulcers, chronic gastritis,
  • in case of cirrhosis of the liver disease,
  • in case of skin diseases, anemia, atherosclerosis, hypertension, tuberculosis, leukemia, nephritis, hyperuremia, bladder inflammatory illnesses
  •  in case of hair loss, brittle nails and hear, obesity, diabetes, burns
  • for patients with extended veins,
  • to increase the flexibility of blood vesels, in case of allergic diseases;
  • in case of chronic fatique,
  • to increase sexual potency of men and women, as well as to increase mother`s milk for breading,
  • to reduce the level of cholestrol,
  • to increase the sight, the function of blood, liver,
  • to reduce and treat the polyarthritis, rheumatism, gout, rickets,
  • for treatment of tracheitis, laryngitis, acute breathing acute respiratory infections, flu, etc.
  • to improve the physical and mental activity


  • Vitamin E (28 mg on 50 g), F, B1, B2, B 3 (PP), B4, D
  • Unsaturated fatty accids, oleic accid, palmitic accid, linoleic accid, etc.
  • Macro and micro elements: iodine, magnesium, phosphorus, iron cooper, zinc, etc.
  • Amino accids: glutamine, asparagine, glycine, arginine, lysine, isoleycine, proline and other


  • Intake –1 teaspoon 2 time a day 30 mintes before having a meal.
  • External use – in food products (salad, etc.)

Shake well before the use!

Additional information:

Massage with the cedar oil provides the excellent contact surface to be massaged, relieves from fatigue, improves vitality, improves blood pressure, reduces the overload of limb vains, makes the skin elastic and velvety.

Use in cosmetics:

  • softens the skin, making it more flexible, retains the natural moisture;
  • promotes healing of wound and skin erosion, mucous after trauma, burns and inflammations;
  • soothes, reduces itching, redness and swelling of allergic skin reactions on the skin
  • gently removes the surface contamination (dust, cosmetics), can be used to remove make-up, especially around the eyes;
  • reduces the inflammation and rejuvenates the skin, protects it from burning out, saturating it with natural vitamins, micro elements, retaining the natuaral alkaline balance.

Beware of natural contaminants!

There are no contraindications!